General Information : Name :Technik Engineering Industries / TECHNIK
Country : JORDAN

Business Activities : Technik are a steel and metal fabrication company. They produce special fasteners and brackets for fixing natural stone to buildings. They also specialise in the engineering design of fastening systems and solutions, production of industrial staples and pins for furniture manufacturing. They are experienced in metal frame fabrication and production.

Role in project : Technik will provide specialist advice and support for the floor clamps and their fixing (WP4). They will also be involved in design and manufacturing of the frame for the wheelchair and hoist (WP3). They will integrate and market the final product within Jordan. They have been nominated as the exploitation manager as they brought the original concept to the consortium.

Consortium Kickoff meeting 18th Feb 2014

The Project Kickoff Meeting was held between all Partners to the Consortium on February 18th 2013 at Pera Innovation Premises in the UK.... more

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA-Research Executive Agency under grant agreement n° FP7-SME-2012